Vorteil Kennel
AKC German Shepherds Breeding - Boarding - Training
Asking $2500.

Hanuta is well bred and is house trained. She is also being imprinted for Schutzhund. She would make an excellent pet but remember she is a working line dog and needs activity and training.

This breeding will be repeated Evy's next heat in 2021.
Hanuta is available to a working home.

Cate trained, housebroken, loves to play ball, tug and is very engaging. 

She has a lot of potential. 

Dam: Evy von Vorteil BH, AD Hips / Elbows OFA Good  and Normal
Sire: Woody von het Zuidpark IGP3, KKL, FH KKL

German Shepherd Pedigree Database mating outcome:


KKL HD ZW 76  HD A / ED 0


Vadim Plotsker with Woody van het Zuidpark ended up 6th at the WUSV in Modena, Italy.
They achieved the following points:
A-93, B-91, C-91 total 275 points.

Qualities that are important are:
  • structure and conformation (hips and elbows have to be rated breed able by SV or OFA.)
  • train-ability
  • correct drives
  • temperament 
 "Our shepherd dog is a working dog, and that he must only be bred as such. With working dogs, however, usefulness ranks higher than beauty, indeed, their real beauty and their only nobility consist in their complete suitability and in a balanced, proportionate linking-together of each and every part."Capt. v. Stephanitz.